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  • christine

    will be celebrating my birthday on the 23rd of Nov 2012. Im interested in Time in Makati. I’d like to know door charge, menu maybe? thanks a bunch!

  • MJ

    How much is VIP at Rebubliq? Ill be there in Manila for my birthday party 3 November with about 8 guests. Is Rebubliq hip-hop on Saturday nights? If not where is there to go for hip-hop on Saturday nights?

  • cool_coolio


    This is my last weekend in Manila and i want to go out partying this thursday, friday and saturday. Would request you to suggest me a good place to enjoying dancing to some great hip hop and house music. Your advice will be much appreciated. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • admin

      Republiq is closed this Friday for a private event, so maybe try 7th High on Friday and Republiq on Saturday. Thursday maybe Prive.

  • KJ

    I do not live in manila but I notice the photos that palladium is likely an ibiza club because they have go-go dancers. Am I right? and can you recommend some trance-mosphere like club there so that I can visit some ambience-ful like trance music?

    • admin

      Republiq on Saturdays

  • andy

    i’ll be having my brthday in just a few weeks. wut clubs would your recommend f0r 15-20 persons for 7thou? btw. were college students. hpin for your fast response. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • admin

      Try 7th High in the fort

  • Johnn

    Is there age restricion in these clubs? Im 17

    • admin

      You have to be at least 18. Some clubs are very strict, so always bring your ID.

  • Bertin matthieu

    Hi, where would you advice me to go? I’ll be there in july and i’m looking for the best nightclubs and bars where i could find more local people and a younger crowd as i’m only 21 yrs old and my friends also, we’re all between 18-24yrs old. We’re not really looking for some high-class bars/clubs, as we’re all young students. We just wanna have fun during our vacation with young local people, something like the working-class people or students. It seems republiq has a very high-class older crowd, we’re not really into that as we’re young and students, we don’t have a job, so not that much money :)) Tnx!

    • admin

      You should go to Quezon City, tons of smaller/cheaper clubs there with locals and younger crowd

  • partypeople

    do you have any review on Ponti? also how come there’s no review on FIAMMA?

    • admin

      no time yet, it will eventually be added ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yen

    We’re a bunch of young ladies who are in 19s and early 20’s. What are the clubs would you recommend to us? We want friday and saturday. Crowd our age (whatever except jejemons and oldies) would be really great. And of course we want an awesome music that has the greatest beats. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Is LAX a great club? How about Palladium and Republiq?

    • admin

      LAX is closed. The best club for Friday is Republiq and for Saturday Opus. Both are high class and a bit more expensive compared to most other clubs. If you want clubs with a bit younger crowd try 7th High. Palladium is okay, but there are a lot of ‘working girls’ and girls looking to hook up with foreigners.

  • Hi! Is LAX a great club? Does it play great music? We’re college students and we want to go to a club with a crowd mixed with our age, expats, and others. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Is it not boring? We want a club that would really make us party hard.

    • admin

      LAX is closed. Try 7th High or Palladium. Or Republiq.

  • Summerloverz

    Hi! Thanks for the informative site.
    I love nightlife but i’ve only tried it thrice i think coz i’m currently living abroad(busy at work) and i can only enjoy it there in the Philippines (when it’s my vacation, that’s the only time i get to enjoy my nightlife).
    So, would you care to help me in knowing the rates of these clubs so i can just like directly go into these clubs when i have my vacation this march. I don’t wanna hassle and just enjoy my vacation. Thanks!
    (I’m currently here in abroad so maybe you can just give me some figures rather than cellphone numbers to contact. Thank you very much.!)

    • admin

      Most clubs have free guestlist access, especially for girls, see Guestlist details on this site. If you’re not on the Guestlist, it’s usually between 300 – 800 PHP to get entrance, depending on the club (usually this includes a drink or two)

  • Eunice

    Hi! I’m wondering if there’s an entrance fee in KYSS or Izakaya? Havent tried these places yet. I’m looking for a nice club similar to the ones you’ve mentioned, without spending much for the entrance fee. And if there is a fee in KYSS, how much?

    • admin

      Kyss has entrance, but it’s easy to get on the guestlist. Izakaya is always free entrance.

  • Janne


    I’m heading to Manila for NYE with a large group of friends and was wondering which would be the best club to go to if you like electronic music? Not just house, but techno as well..

    • admin

      Time is the best club for techno and house. It’s quite small compared to some of the bigger club. Republiq will play (commercial) house and hiphop. If you only like house music Time is the best place.

    • admin

      Time is the best club for house and techno. On December 30 they have Dave Seaman. NYE probably local house DJs

  • Anne

    Hi! My birthday’s coming next Friday and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where I can celebrate. What about KYSS? Do you have any information on their table rates? Thinking of inviting around 12 people. Thanks in advance!

    • admin

      Republiq would be the best, but tables might already been sold out, they have the DJ and MC of LMFAO/Party Rock this Friday for the Smart 11.11.11 event. KYSS is usually better on Saturdays.

  • Tony K

    I will hanging out in Manila for 48 hrs .. Is Wednesday a good to day to party .. I like house music.. Any reconmedations..

    • admin

      Wednesdays is a good day to party, but most clubs play mash-up/top40 on Wednesdays. So it does include house, but it’s commercial house. Time is the only real house club, but it’s not very busy in Wednesdays.

  • John

    Nice page, will be in town for a week in Nov to party just wondering if you can suggest any club that places trance/techno/hardstyle? Also do you recommend checking out time as I can hardly find any detail (photo, booking detail etc) about that club anywhere.

    Do you know if Palladium has a website as we wouldn’t mind checking out that place.

    I have already reserved a table for Republiq for sat and weds so looking forward to that!!

    Cheers mate

    • admin

      For more commercial house music and electro you should visit Republiq on Saturdays. If you like more underground techno, progressive, etc. you should visit Time.
      You can find them on Facebook (Time in Manila) and most info is displayed there.

  • Emily

    Oh and may i ask if you know if LAX nightclub needs an I.D w/ dob?

    • admin

      For any club it’s always the best to bring a photo ID with age / date of birth.

  • Emily

    Hi ! good informations you’ve got here:)
    i was wondering thou if you have any info about 7th high?
    what is the theme or music style there during friday and siturday nights?
    thanks :)!

    • admin

      Information about 7th High will be posted soon.
      In the main room they mainly play hip hop / mash up / top 40

  • Chubi Lo

    Hi. What are the best events for Monday nights? Is there a Monday night dance scene at all? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • admin

      On Monday there are mainly (laid back) lounge nights, like Industry Mondays at Opus at Opus and Lounge House Monday at Fever.

  • Elle

    Are there any hip hop clubs left in Manila besides Manor? I can’t handle rock, top 40, dance disco mash up crap. I know they want a cater to the masses but how you can dance or get into the music when they play rock song mixed into a dance track with rap over the top of it? I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

    Love the site been looking for a site like this for a long time! Could you guys possibly add a review section each club? That way people can tell others about the crowd, what music they play on what nights and provide other info?

    • admin

      Friday’s in Republiq is mainly hiphop, pretty much the same style as in Manor. Kyss in Makati has HipHop on Saturday’s with MC Paolo.

      When I have more time I will add more reviews for all the other clubs.

  • Serra

    Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ i love your site! it has been very informative for a foreigner like me :)))

    i was wondering thou if what club/clubs do you prefer?
    i prefered Enceore but since it has closed a is under reconstruction…:(
    i don’t have any idea where to go anymore >:( i really liked Encore and the flow inside the club. Last time I went to Palladium but it was quite boring… it was saturday…

    any recommendation ??? XD

    • admin

      Thanks, glad you like the site ๐Ÿ™‚ Republiq is the best club in town at the moment. It’s owned by the same group as Encore, and has the same kind of party atmosphere. It’s a lot bigger than Encore though, so it’s not that intimate. On Fridays and Wednesdays are the best nights if you like hiphop/top40/mashup. Saturday it’s house music.

    • channel

      hi!! i kept on searching till i found this site.. im a party lover and kept on exploring new clubs around manila.. just wanna ask where ‘s that “ROBOT” located?? coz i ve heard about it nah.. was that a superclub like republiq/ encore?? and wat are d days deyr in hip/hop sounds..Thankzz.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • admin

        Robot is located at 7921 Makati Avenue. It’s not a super club, it’s a smaller place, more like a restaurant with lounge.
        I think they might have a hip-hop night soon. But I don’t have any details on it yet.

  • Jojo

    ohh and do you know how much the entrance fee in palladium on saturday nights? ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u! i love this site!

    • admin

      For Palladium guest-list just txt Ellaine V. Jamir (0917-387-6567) or Rachel V. Jamir (0917-901-7132) (For Wed, Fri), Sat. Come before 12.30. For Saturdays (Privilege Saturdays) you can also txt Ricky Javellana (Dovefly) 09058644997

  • Jojo

    How about school ccollege IDs but without birthdate?
    because I don’t know about other schools but, LaSalle doesn’t … so…
    is it still allowed ?

    • admin

      The main reason for the ID is so they can see your age, so an ID without dob won’t work I guess.

  • Danes

    You articles are really helpful. Will be visiting Manila next month, and I really want to party hard. Which are the top bars / clubs you can suggest? Aprreciate your help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • admin

      For hiphop/mashup/top40 Republiq on Wednesday and/or Friday. Opus or Kyss on Saturdays. For house music Opus on Friday, Republiq on Saturday, Time (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat). Palladium on Fridays/Saturdays. Icon for after-parties.

  • melboy

    Just wondering if anyone had any further info/opinions on Eivissa.
    There isn’t a great deal of info on the web, but from the things I’ve seen, it looks pretty promising. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • admin

      Eivissa is a really nice club, but it’s in another part of Manila. There are not many tourists and expats there, so it’s mainly locals and a bit younger crowd.