The Manila Clubbing guide is created because of the lack of up-to-date, frequently updated nightlife sites and clubbing guides that cover the best nightlife and hotspots in Manila, Philippines. There are quite some sites and blogs that cover clubs, nightlife and the party scene in general, but most of them are outdated, hard to navigate and usually only cover a small selection of what Manila has to offer. Also it seems that most of the biggest clubs don’t even bother to update their websites and calendars (if they even have a website). And even when you know the name of a club, it is still hard to find up-to-date information about the club. When you search for any particular club or hotspot you will usually get results from (outdated) blogs and old news articles. The official websites from most of the clubs are usually very hard to to find, because they are made in flash and are not optimized to be found in search engines.

The goal with this website is to provide inside information about the best clubs, bars, lounges, parties, clubnights, hotspots and general info about nightlife in Manila. We are trying to make the Manila Clubbing website the best, most accurate and most up to date Manila nightlife guide. We visit the hottest parties, clubs, bars and lounges multiple times a week. We always try to find and cover the latest hotspots and the hottest and hippest places in town, so all information on this site is from first hand experience. We don’t get paid to write about the clubs and places featured on this site. All information is based on our own knowledge and experience. We love to party and we like to share our information with other people that love to party. Especially for people that are new to the Manila party scene and for those who want to get up to date information about the latest clubs and hotspots. This site also covers frequently asked questions that always get asked (but rarely answered) on the clubs’ Facebook pages and on Twitter, such as how to book tables, how to get in, entrance fees, dress-codes, crowds, music, the best nights to go, etc. etc.

People in Manila and the Philippines in general love to party. There are literally hundreds of places to go out drinking and have a good time. You can party in Manila every single night of the week. Manila never sleeps! No matter what your taste in music is, no matter what your budget is, you will always find a good place in Manila to party!

Of course we can’t cover every place in Manila, and some places we rarely visit, but we will try to cover as many clubs and lounges as we can.