Imperial Ice Bar, Manila’s new HOT spot!


Imperial Ice Bar is Manila’s new HOT spot (pun intended). The bar consists of 2 parts, a stylish bar/lounge area, complete with DJ booth and nightclub interior and the actual ice bar.

In the ice bar, located in the back, you can enjoy Russian Standard’s Imperial Vodka at -5 degrees Celsius. To get into the actual ice bar you have to pay a one time fee of Php 550, which allows you 15 minutes inside and includes 2 Imperial Vodka shots. Before you step into the ice bar you enter a small room where you will be provided with a warm winter jacket, gloves and hat. You then enter the ice bar where literally everything is sculpted out of ice, including the bar, the tables, the seats, the decor and even the shot glasses.
At the bar you can order your Imperial Vodka shots. You can chose from 3 infused flavors: Lychee, Mango and Pineapple. For those that want to drink more shots, you can purchase additional shots for Php 275.

The vodka shots really help you to stay warm in the -5 degrees Celsius bar, but for many it will be hard to last the full 20 minutes inside the freezing temperatures. When you had enough you return your jacket and step back into the lounge area where you can enjoy premium drinks, cocktails and Russian inspired bar snacks.

The lounge area has an awesome interior and includes a DJ booth, standing tables, couches and a huge bar. Here you can continue the rest of your night while enjoying some great cocktails (or other drinks, including full bottle service). The DJs make sure to keep the party going all night.

Imperial Ice Bar also has a VIP room for groups that like a more private experience. The VIP room has big screen TV on which you can watch a live feed from the camera in the ice bar.

Imperial Ice Bar is definitely something you just have to check out. A great experience, good music, nice food and an awesome interior.  It’s a great addition to Manila’s nightlife.

Imperial Ice Bar Manila is located along the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City (next to Draft and Prive). Open daily except Sundays.

Imperial Ice Bar Map

How to get there – click to enlarge

  • abby

    whats the dress code for girls?

  • abby

    i would like to visit next year of July but im just 17 and i’ll be 18 on october 2015 .

  • Sam

    where can i find their food menu?

  • jj

    Just wondering, is there a guestlist for the Ice bar or does everyone have to pay the entrance fee of 550?

    • admin

      Entrance to the bar/lounge is free, you only have to pay to enter the actual ice bar.

  • edfelyngoya

    Hi. Is the entrance is free at the lounge bar? Can I have their contact #s?

    • admin

      No entrance fee for the lounge part

  • marsh

    just doing this for fun?!
    the admin is really cool. ^_^
    thumbs up

    • JM

      you can say that again….

  • Tom Lee

    What’s your dress code?

    • admin

      For guys just wear decent clothes, no t-shirt, just something with a colar, like a polo or shirt, or jacket.

  • alyssa alexis anne alcasid

    hi i would like to spend my bday @imperialicebar with my hubby just the 2 of us. how will it cost me if i reserve a table only for two? 🙂 thank u so much.

  • Ton

    NUmber for table reservation

  • jun b

    This is obviously an advertising / PAID site. Negative comments not published! Will give my honest comments in a genuine website

    • admin

      Hi, all comments are manually approved before they appear. I am not paid by any of the clubs listed here. I am doing this for fun and everything is based on my own personal experience.

      If I see like 5 negative comments pretending to be different persons, but all from the same IP address (like yours) I am not going to approve them.

      • JM

        Good job… and pls continue to provide us your utmost service… greatly appreciated and I commend your dedication

  • trixie

    How come your sign says “dress code – no shorts allowed blah blah” while your bouncers allow celebrities in shorts and slippers to enter? I even have pictures to prove it!
    Why so discriminatory and “pa-class”???

    • admin

      Unfortunately this is jus the way it is. Not just in The Philippines, but in every other country. Most clubs won’t say no to celebrities, because celebrities attract customers. Almost no club owner would deny a celebrity if he/she is not dressed according to the dress code. It might sound unfair, but in the end it all comes down to money.

  • Ira

    How much will it cost to reserve a table for 10?

  • cdboyh

    Do you accept reservation for private use (e.g. Debut) for the whole place, including the ice bar?

  • Hazel-Jade

    what is the cost to reserve a booth? For like 8 people. Thanks


    are they accepting credit card there? thank you. 🙂

    • admin

      yes they do

  • SaSa31 Ty

    Is this similar to Ice Bar at Antipolo? or same management?

    • admin

      Not the same management, it’s much better and more luxurious than the one in Antiplolo.

  • rexa

    Is this near urbn and 7th high?

    • admin

      yes, very close to Urbn. Just 1 min walk.

  • nobrainer

    Is the entrance still free?

    • admin

      yes entrance is free, but there is a fee to get into the actual Ice Bar in the back

  • Sharmainne

    is picture taking allowed in the ice bar?

    • admin


  • D

    do u accept credit card?

  • icebaR

    hi, i just want to ask what is the minimum age requirement?

    meh . we 2 are 17 yrs old.

    Hope to drop by but must know first the age requirement.

    Thanks 🙂

    • admin

      I think it’s 18, like all the other places

  • Carlo M .

    Is this club on soft opening until now? If not, how much does the reservation cost? Also the club hours .

    • admin

      It’s officially open. Entrance to the main lounge is free, and you pay to get into the actual ice part (see article above).
      You can also book a table, the price you pay is fully consumable for drinks and snacks.

  • don corleone

    is there an option for us to use our own winter wear?

    • admin

      sure, using the jackets and gloves is not mandatory, some people go in without any winter wear.

  • john

    is it open already? is there a guestlist or walk in? and what is the fee?

    • admin

      It’s open and there is no entrance, only a fee if you want to go into the actual ice bar part, prices listed above.

  • Airish

    Aside from cocktails, what else do you serve? Beers? What kind? Are you open tomorrow?

    • admin

      they serve all sorts of spirits, just like normal bars and clubs, liquor, bottle service, beer, etc.

  • iza

    is there a fee if we stay at the lounge area? can we make reservations? 🙂 i hope you can post details like price and fees in your FB page! Thank you! 🙂

    • admin

      yes, there is no entrance fee for the lounge area. You can just buy drinks at the bar. You can reserve tables by calling them.


    Is it open the ice bar on Friday nov.2
    How much the entrance.

    • admin

      Yes it should be open. Entrance is free for the lounge, to get into the actual Ice bar you have to pay (see post above), it includes some shots though 🙂


    Is it open on November 6

    • admin


  • Pauline

    Is this open tom?

    • admin

      Open daily now, except Sundays I think

  • Rick

    Is this open yet?

    • admin

      currently soft opening

  • Aimee

    Is there any number I can call? Just have a few queries 🙂

    • admin

      You can try 0917 819 5830
      It’s on soft opening currently

  • pastri

    Hi, is there a guest list for this place? If so, how do i get in it?

    • admin

      No guestlist, you can just visit. It’s currently soft opening.

    • Carol

      Is there a landline number for imperial?? Lost and found?