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Time in Manila is one of the only clubs in the Metro that focuses mainly on (underground) house and dance music. This club is different than most of the other superclubs and has a great underground vibe created by a combination of the interior, the crowed and the DJs that have a passion for house music. At Time you can expect to hear various EDM styles such as techno, tech-house, deep-house, electro, trance, etc.

Club Time regularly invites some of the top international house and techno DJs. Some DJs that have played at Time are Nick Warren, Darren Emerson, Yousef, Secret Cinema, Rosie Romero, John 00 Flemming, Jazzanova and Nelski.

Time has 3 floors. On the first floor is the main DJ booth, the dancefloor and a bar. The second floor consists of a balcony (build around the first floor) and  a lounge area with bar. The top floor is an outdoor roof terrace which has it’s own bar and DJ booth. A great place to relax and have a cocktail while listening to some nice beats.

Time is currently open 5 nights a week:

Monday: Monday Fever at the Roof-Deck
Tuesday: Strike at Time (Jessica Milner and DJ Cammy)
Wednesday: Femme at Time (house, techno and electro beats hosted by Androgyny Productions)
Friday: Dance at Time (techno and tech-house)
Saturday: After Dark at Time (clubnights by Curv, Diversion, Frequency and Deeper rythms on rotation)

Time In Manila is located on 7840 Makati Ave. (across A-Venue Mall) in Makati, Metro Manila, The Philippines

Landline: (632) 519-8903

  • Anisa

    Can Time be rented for a private party?

  • cozmo

    Simply one of my favorite spot…the muisc there is just not the usual crab you hear every where!

    It’s something upscale and the service is all right..been going there for the past 5 years by now..and its still the place to be by all means after midnight!

  • charm

    Hi, is TIME still open? I saw this in front of A venue. Seems to be closed. Also, any number to contact. Thank you.

    • admin

      It’s still alive and kicking!

  • RJ

    Is there any age limit?

  • Mich

    Hello, I’ve been trying to contact Time for their rates on private parties. Still haven’t gotten a reply. Does anyone here have a rough estimate of how much Time would cost? Many thanks!

  • Anne

    Can anyone give me contact of promoter in Time?

  • Uno

    the FB page of TIME in Manila is gone

    • admin

      Seems their FB and webpage are gone. The club is still open though.

  • KidClubbi

    Time is known to the locals as a really hardcore EDM place. If that’s what you want, this is the place to be. Crowd is young and upscale. Regular nights here don’t even start until midnight. on weekends, Time is known to party regularly up to 8am of the next day. Sometimes more. Sometimes on weekdays too 😉

  • jamie

    can you suggest a good time or day we could hop in Time? me & my friends are planning to go clubbing. is there any age limit or somethin`? cause at US, there’s none. thanks!

    • admin

      Saturday nights are usually good. Like after 1am

  • Chanel

    how much will it cost if we rent a VIP?

  • Aya

    How much is the usual beer and such cost here? O – O i heard the door entrance is around 200-300 am i correct?

    • admin

      Drinks are priced normal. Entrance depends on the nights. Usually you can free guest list. The best is to Like TIME in Manila on FB and you will see all the info.

  • Hoche Garcia Reyes

    I hate HipHop, RnB and Trance. I can tolerate house. Does Time do DrumNBass? Any schedules?

    • admin

      Time has D&B some times, but not any specific time I think. Depends on the event.

  • muros

    does the club has dress code for customers?

    • admin

      Not really, you can dress however you want.

  • ghelle

    are they available on thursdays?

  • pamela

    how much is the entrance fee? 🙂

    • admin

      depends on the night and the DJs that are playing. The best is to like them on Facebook so you can see guestlist info etc for each event.

  • nathalie

    been there on Monday. the best time visit! the liquor also nice and not that expensive. 70% foreigner. music was good and there’s a good mexican food next to the club. good choice after throw up. =D

  • sun

    Do you play house music at the top floor?? Monday fever?? Sound interesting

    • admin

      Yes, Monday Fever is house music on the roof terrace

  • Yeahboi

    How would a foreigner go in these clubs in manila can the majority of the people speak english?

    • admin

      Everyone speaks English in the Philippines. It’s very easy for foreigners to go in the clubs.

      • nathalie

        correct. i love party in philippines, they speaks english !! =D

  • JP

    Does anyone know if there are any dayclubs in Manila? How about pool parties?

  • Maritina

    PS: The bouncers/security are really nice and friendly

  • Maritina

    My friend brought me to TIME last night and it’s not your usual bar/club. We went to the roof terrace and a Middle Eastern looking dj (my friend said he’s Bulgarian) and another dusky looking guy playing ethnic instruments were playing. They were playing real Electronic music, not the usual Top 40/RnB/Trance sh*t. And the djs looked really angas and cool.

  • andrea

    any contact details for guestlist??

    • admin

      The club has different promotors, so guestlist depends on who the promotor is that night. You should follow Time in Manila on FB for more info

  • chloe

    hi, im planning to have a debut at a bar and reserve it for a night. Would you know if TIME IN MANILA would cater to such event? if so, how much would it cost? Thank you.

    • admin

      Most bars and clubs are available for private events. You could also try 7th high.

  • yannie almacen

    just want to ask if how much is the door charge :))

    • admin

      Depends on the night and the DJs, usually it’s free, and when there are DJs its like 100php – 300php or something.