Prive Luxury Club

Prive Luxury Club

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Privé Luxury Club Manila is located at the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Manila, The Philippines, in the building that was previously home to Members Only. It is Manila’s newest hotspot for Luxury Clubbing. Prive Club official opened it’s doors in October 2011 and is currently one of the hottest nightclubs in town.

Prive Weekly Clubnights and Guestlist info

Privé is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and sometimes on other nights for special Events). Below you can find the weekly Prive Club schedule and guestlist info.

– Tuesdays: Weekday Warriors (Electro Pop, Top 40, Open Format)
Ladies drink for free all night. Free entrance / no cover charge.
For Table Reservations call +63918.898.8181

– Wednesdays: Stiletto (Top40 / Mash-Up)
Ladies night – Free entrance for girls wearing Stilettos that arrive before 12 midnight
For gust-list email or call/txt 0917 5026721 for more info

– Thursdays: Wonderland
Wonderland Thursdays models night. Vocal house and electro. For guestlist reservations call/SMS 0915424099

– Fridays: Incognito (Mash-Up)
For guest list, table reservations and inquiries email Sha Supangan at or text 09178807827 | BBM pin:261F1FE7.

– Saturday:  Privélege (House / Mash-Up)

Upcoming Events at Prive


Prive Table Reservations

For table reservations call 09178988181 or BBM 28039BB9. Make sure to book your tables as early as 2-3 weeks in advance.

Prive Table Layout and Table Prices

Below you can find the table layout and table prices. Click on the image to see a bigger version of the table layouts.

Prive Table Layout Ground Floor
Prive Table Price

 Prive Table Layout Second Floor
Prive Table Prices

Prive Luxury Club is located at the Fort Strip in Fort Bonifacio (Bonifacio Global City), Manila.

18+ Only, ID is required, dress proper!


  • evan diaz

    love the party all night

  • meigh

    Hi.. is this club still operating?

    • admin

      Yes, but under new management

  • Pixie Villocero

    PRIVÉ EXCLUSIVE GUESTLIST, VIP TABLES, & other inquiries, contact me at +639274452947 🙂

    Sending of names for guestlist inclusion is until 12mn every Wednesdays & Thursdays.
    Guestlist cut-off is 3am.

    TUESDAY – Ladies free drinks all night. No door charge/guestlist meaning free entry all night.

    WEDNESDAY – Ladies Night. FREE MARTINI cocktails for LADIES 10pm-1am.

    THURSDAY – Models Night

  • Dexter Soriano

    guestlist, and table reservations, SMS/Viber me at 09054048348 🙂

  • Pixx Villocero

    PRIVÉ GUESTLIST TUES TO SAT, contact me at +639274452947 🙂

  • joiel

    Love it! i was there Saturday night the vibes are the best…

  • Ria

    Is it possible to reserve the venue for one whole night?

  • Kris

    How much is the cover charge?

  • Sarah

    Can I use the photocopy of my passport as a valid ID?

    • admin

      Should be fine.

  • Anne

    Can i have a contact for guestlist every Saturday?

  • markus

    how much for the entrance fee?

  • Ann

    Are there clubs taht open during Christmas holidays?

    • admin

      Most clubs will be open during the Christmas holidays, except on Christmas eve

  • Pixie Villocero

    REPUBLIQ, CABANA, PRIVÉ, PALLADIUM (ALL NIGHTS) guestlist, table reservations, bday packages contact me at 09274452947 😉

  • Lara

    Tried calling the weekend warriors’ number but its not working.. ladies drnk still free during Tuesday nights?

  • Son

    Where’s the best place to park your car?

    • admin

      Plenty of parking at the Fort Strip. If it’s ‘full’ just pay one of the parking guards some money and they will make some space 🙂

  • Lana

    If I had people guest listed, are they still required to pay an entrance fee? and will their ID’s still be checked?

    • admin

      They won’t have to pay entrance if they are on the guestlist. They will still need to show their IDs.

  • Santi

    Last night was the best!!! ‘Got swept away by its wave.. I love you EURO ILLUMINATI!! See you again tonight!!!! Lets PARTY!!!

  • Zach

    I tried contacting the the guestlist go to person but to no avail. How can I get myself and a few of my girlfriends on the guestlist for this coming friday? Thanks!!!

  • Kim

    Hi! How much ung tables, and good for how many persons? Thanks. 🙂

    • admin

      Table rates and amount of persons are listed on the table images above in the post. Just click on them for the full size.

    • PussPuss

      Hi Admin,

      how about a scan/picture of my passport from my phone? Im afraid of loosing my ID so I always take scan copy instead

      • admin

        I think that could work 🙂

  • heebummer

    hi! im a studenT! and its my first time clubbing,, just wanna ask. an ID is a must have right? what if my ID doesnt have birthdate?

    • admin

      Yes, ID is required. Valid government issued ID with photo and DOB

  • ginette

    hi,how do i get table reservations for this coming saturday night 8/18 for 6ppl?thanks

    • admin

      Just call or text the number listed on this page

  • Kris

    Do they guestlist every Saturday in Prive? If yes, do you know someone who do gueslisting?

  • Kami Kish

    Hey there! I’m a foreigner staying in Manila, any other foreigner interested to hit the club with me? Add my facebook “Kami Kish” and lets meet up! Oh and one question, when/which day is best to visit this club? Thank you.

    • David

      hey man yeah i was also searchin for peeps to go there with, u seem like a cool guy lets hang out!

  • Jane

    Hi – how do i get my friends’ name to the guestlist for Saturdays?

  • Keith

    Hey there, will Prive be good/busy tonight? best time to go? anywhere tonight good to go and watch a band? cheers.

    • admin

      Most club nights at Prive get pretty busy 🙂 There is usually always a good crowd.

  • Rose

    Hi! I’m planning to go with a few friends there on a Friday, we are all girls and we are already listed under the guest list of a friend. Are complimentary drinks included? And is there an open bar on Fridays? What time usually? Thanks.

    • admin

      There are no complementary drinks and there is no open bar on Fridays.

  • Honey

    I loved Member’s cocktails before. I hope they serve the same concoction. 🙂

  • jane

    hi there,, is it possible to hold a fashion show event at prive club? what are the requirements…

    • admin

      shouldn’t be any problem, just contact them.

  • yvette

    is there an open bar for stilleto? if there is, til what time? thanks

  • don_martin

    do we have to be a member to get in?

    • admin

      You don’t have to be a member to get in. Just dress up nicely, bring some girls and bring ID.

  • Arty

    May i know the price for reserve the table for 3-4 person on Sat ?

    • admin

      Usually the tables are 10K (consumable), please contact the club directly trough txt message or BBM.

  • Kristine

    Is the ID required should have an info about age? Like driver’s license, passport, etc. Some clubs are strict on this.

    • admin

      Yes, always bring a photo ID that shows your date of birth or age.

  • jrh

    Any idea if Prive is open on Tuesday nights??

    • admin

      I think regular nights are only Wed, Fri and Sat. But in the past week they had events (some private) almost every night.

  • jv

    When is the launching party of Prive? Any specific date?

    • admin

      The launch party was on October 8. The club is now open 🙂

  • nina

    Is it possible to be as big as Republiq? Republiq’s the best club I’ve been to so far and hope to find new clubs just as big or even bigger

    • admin

      It’s a lot smaller than Republiq.

  • krazy

    Same question, do you think it will be like members only?? and what date on October will it open? I REALLY WANT TO COME TO THE LAUNCH!

    • admin

      We have seen some of the design plans and it looks very nice. It looks like it will be a bit bigger than Members Only. I don’t think it will be a membership club. We have heard the opening will be on October 1, but it might be later in October. We will post it as soon as we know more.

  • melboy

    Thanks a lot! I’ll be in Manila for 5 nights of partying in October and this site has been really helpful. So many sites lack important info and are really out of date.

    • admin

      Make sure to check back often. I wish I had more time to add the information about all the other clubs as well, but I haven’t had the time yet. I will try to keep the site as up to date as possible, because as you said a lot of sites are out of date, including the official websites of many clubs (if they even have one).

      • melboy

        Thanks mate, definitely appreciate it. At the moment its looking like tables at Republiq, 7th High, LAX and Manor, but I’m sure that will change as the club scene inevitably changes as well.

        • admin

          Manor is great, but it’s in Eastwood, many locals and a young crowd, but great party atmosphere! Also, I recommend Opus instead of LAX. Opus is great on Saturdays. Maybe also check Icon and Palladium (both in Makati). Icon is also good as an after party club (still crowded after 5am). Both Icon and Palladium have a lot of expats and tourists and party girls looking to hook up, so if you’re into that you should check those out as well.

          • melboy

            Just had a look at Palladium, looks pretty sweet! I’ll get in touch with them. Was originally planning on hitting Opus for dinner and early night drinks, but if its a good party spot, might lock in a whole night there.

  • melboy

    Do you know if Prive will have a similar exclusive door policy to that of Members Only?

    • admin

      I am not sure, but judging by the name it will be a similar concept. I heard it will be a bit bigger though, they will take some part of the Encore/Embassy area is what I’ve been told.

    • the mixologist

      it is not exclusive no membership is required, but the target market are the same. probably the door policy are almost the same but not too strict as members only.