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UPDATE MARCH 2014. OPUS is now closed. 

Opus is an upscale restaurant and lounge/club in Resorts World Manila. It is currently the place to see and be seen in Manila. In weekends the lounge is more like a club. It is always packed with beautiful people and the atmosphere is amazing. They have great DJs playing mainly house tunes (mixed with hiphop/mashup and party music on Saturdays).

Opus is absolutely one of the top hotspots in Manila. We’ve spotted many of the hottest celebrities in Opus and even the president of the Philippines has visited Opus with his girlfriend.

The Opus lounge is renaissance inspired with high ceilings and tall mirror windows on bright white walls. Opus has 3 bars. The Front Bar, located at the main entrance, the Main Bar located at the lounge entrance and Art Bar, which is the most memorable (it’s a massive chrome sculpture that serves as the lounge’s centerpiece).

Lunch and dinners at Opus are served in style, in an elegant 60-seat glass-encased dining area.  The dining area is made-up with platinum hued banquets and marble tables. The walls are flanked by deconstructed fine art murals. Opus serves modern European cuisine by Manila’s top chef Carlos Miguel.

For restaurant bookings call (02) 804-0733
For table bookings at Opus Club / Lounge call or text Pearl 09178747738 (+639178747738).
You can also email info@opusmanila.com

  • Keith

    Is there age limit? How bout 16 year old?

    • admin

      You have to be minimum 18 for the high end clubs.

  • Erika

    Is it open on Tuesdays?

    • admin


  • Aya

    how much for table bookings?thanks.

  • Jay

    Is Opus open on a Sunday night? If so, what is it like?

    Dresscode: are t-shirts with a blazer allowed?


    • admin

      Opus lounge is not open on Sunday nights.
      T-shirt with Blazer is fine.

  • joe.k

    Do they require ID at the entrance?

    • admin

      Just bring an ID to make sure. They do check if you look young.

      • Dothy

        How about 18 yrs old that look young? Short on height too:))

        • admin

          Just bring ID with DOB

  • Aya

    how much are the liquor prices there? like beers and such? do we still need to do a reservation? which is the best day to party there like if there’s techno night that’ll be good.

  • Jon

    Can you please post or e-mail me the table rates in Opus? These are consumable fees right?


  • Brielle

    How to avail seats at Opus?

  • Kimora

    How much is the entrance for Opus?

    Is there a guestlist required?

    • admin

      No entrance fee, and no guestlist, you can just go there. Make sure to dress nice.

  • Syl

    Is there a dress code?

    • admin

      Just dress nice and you won’t have any problems.

      A strict dress code policy is enforced to provide our patrons with the ultimate lounge experience. Opus invites you to maintain our standards by dressing smartly and appropriately. Jeans and sneakers will be allowed upon our discretion.
      Baggy, loose-fitting or sloppy clothing
      Athletic wear & sports jerseys
      Ball caps, bandanas &/or similar
      T-shirts, sleeveless shirts & tanktops (for MEN)
      Shorts and cropped pants (for MEN)
      Slippers (for MEN and WOMEN)
      Sandals and open shoes (for MEN)
      Opus reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason at any time.

  • Jake

    Our office party tanked so we went to opus for our small group’s after-party and had a great time! Two bottles of bourbon, soda, and a lot of beer and we were partying!

  • john torres

    Excellent place to party… A bit pricy but worth it.. Bought a bottle of Glenfiddich and a bottle of Vodka to reserve a couch… The food was good.. Had a great time… : )

  • Jen


    I just would like to know the table price for opus and how do we go about if we want to be guest listed.


    • admin

      For reservations, please contact 0917 874 7738.

  • JustineJ

    hello. would like to ask if theres any door charge like, for the lounge? thanks (:

    • admin

      no door charge

  • Ben Chang

    Will be visiting and staying atvMarriott can you send me a calender of events from sept. 1 on

  • Yoon Ji Kim

    how much for table reservations? is it consumable?