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Valkyrie is a nightclub at The Palace which opened its doors in November 2014. Valkyrie was the first club to open in The Place. Valkyrie is Manila’s biggest nightclub with space for over 2,000 people. The club has 2 floors, the ground floor and a second floor overlooking the ground floor. The second floor has 6 private sky boxes. Valkyrie nightclub is currently one of Manila’s hottest clubs and is always packed. The music is mainly EDM.

Some of the world’s biggest DJs have performed at Valkyrie, such as Martin Garrix, Adventure Club, Dirty South, DJ Snake, Example, Danny Avila, Carnage, Artful Dodger, Wolf Pack, Quintio, Andrew Rayel, Miss Nine, Passion Pit, TJR and many more to follow.

Valkyrie Club Nights

Wednesdays: People Like Us
Thursdays: The Right Kind of Wrong
Fridays: Last One Standing
Saturdays: Hysteria

Valkyrie Table bookings

Below you can find the table (and skybox) layout.

valkyrie ground floor plan table layout

valkyrie second floor plan table layout

Valkyrie Table Rates

Refer to the image below for Valkyrie’s table rates.
valkyrie table rates upstairsvalkyrie table rates upstairs

Valkyrie At the Palace Location Map

valkyrie nightclub bgc location map

Valkyrie VIP Tables and Guestlist Info

For Tables, VIP access and Guest List contact Jerz at 09178832704 or (make sure to mention you came from the Manila Clubbing website)

Valkyrie Nightclub at The Palace, Fort Bonifacio Global City
For more info and table bookings text or call: 0917 680 8888

  • Caerus Leoxsis Sterben


    If I put a reservation for W4, how much is consumable?

  • Raymart Hulleza

    Can we just go an look for available table once we get in or We need to contact the Club and reserve for a table?
    Or is it possible to just go to the Bar and order drinks there.

    • You need to book in advance, a week or more is the best

  • John Ezekiel Zabala

    Hi! Question, is there any inclusion with the table prices? Like free bottles of a drink? Or it really is just the table?

    • The amount you pay for the table is fully consumable, so you can use that full amount on bottles.

  • Rdgr

    Is white slip on shoes allowed for women?

  • Jason

    Is vape allowed?

  • Carl Sia

    is a school id valid if you are on the guest list already

  • Keith

    If we are on the guest list, are we already exempted from the door charge?

    • admin


  • Kevin

    I’m from San Francisco CA and I’m browsing around trying to see any clubs I can go to when I visit the Philippines. This kept popping up as one of the best clubs. Can you provide me any specific information about the age limit, pricing, dress code or what’s the age limit for alcohol beverages?

  • Claire

    How the entrace fee?

  • May

    Can someone just explain how the guest listing works? I’m from Australia and I’m so keen to go to this club.

  • PJ

    Do i need to show ID when im guestlisted already?

    • admin


  • Johnny

    I will be in Manila between May 19th and June 8th. Is there a list of upcoming events and who is performing in case I want to pre-purchase tickets before I get there? Or can I be added to your mailing list?

  • chesca

    Hi! If you don’t have your name on the guest list or are not reserved, do you have to wait in line to get in or can you just walk right up to the bouncer, pay and get in?

    • admin

      You can just walk in right away and pay the entrance fee (it has separate entries/lines for guestlist and tables and walk ins etc)

    • Jerz Oliveria

      Hi Johny,

      We always update our line up of events on our FB Page, You may look it up on Facebook.. But if you need assistance on tables, guestlist, VIP bottle service or any other inquiries, you my contact me at 09178832704- Jerz

      Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @JerzOliveria

  • Badgee

    Just wanted to leave a message to the woman who answered my query earlier.
    Please be nice. That’s all.

  • Michael

    How much is the entrance fee? Can we just go there even though we’re not reserving a table? Thanks 🙂

    • admin

      Depends on the night, you can always go without a table just pay the entrance fee, it’s around 600 – 800 (incl a drink or two)

  • JMT

    Hi, I just want to ask. Is there any dress code? My friends told me we need to wear dress for girls. But I’m going with my girlfriend and I’m a lesbian so that is a problem.

    • admin

      you can just wear jeans and top if you are a girl, just don’t wear slippers

  • Brittany

    Hello 🙂 I will be going to the Philippines in May of 2016. I was wondering if I rent a table at the sky box, how many people could I bring with me?

    • admin

      15, usually they allow more if you pay extra (fully consumable so you can spend it on drinks and food)

    • ChrisKross

      Will be there in May as well. If you’ll need some more people for the 15pax, let me know 🙂

  • allen

    Can I place an order using my Debit card? ,
    are they gonna charge me xtra if i use my international credit/debit card????

    • admin

      should be fine, and no extra costs for using international card


    i will be in visiting Phillippines from Australia on JAN 2016. How can i go about booking a VIP table

  • aaron

    is the 5k or 10k in cocktail unlimited? or is that per glass?

    • admin

      it’s fully consumable you can spend it on bottles and mixers

    • Jerz Oliveria

      Hi Rhion,

      For your guestlist or table reservation request, you may contact me at 09178832704


      Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @JerzOliveria

  • arpaschad

    how much is the door charge?

  • aj

    Hi! we’re 18 but don’t have legal i.d.. Just a student i.d. Is that okay? can we just bring our birth certificate including our student i.d?

    • admin

      should be fine

  • Mae

    Will passport photocopy do in Valkyrie + Pool Palace? I don’t have a valid id. Thanks!

  • Nicole Dabu


  • Moka


    I just would like to mention something not very clear about your entrance fees. Yesterday they wanted to charge me 800 pesos and my friend 0 peso because she has a visa credit card and me a BPI mastercard??
    can you give me clarification about that?
    thanks a lot

  • Buzz

    Are there like foreign girls here partying here at Valkyrie?

  • nikki

    whats the fixed number of people for the skybox? and how much per person if we add guests?

  • Marcia

    Is there an age requirement for admission at these clubs (valkyrie)?

    • admin


      • Dexter Soriano

        VALKYRIE NIGHTCLUB | guest list , VIP tables & other inquiries, contact me at +639054048348 🙂

  • mark

    can we just go there as walk in or we really need to make a guestlist or reserve a table

  • dj Clara

    it’s been said that republiq is closed but I’ve been seeing schedules that electic sky will be there by the 28th of march. Is republiq still open or not? having plans to go there. we just don’t want our efforts getting wasted. thanks!

    • admin

      Republiq doesn’t exist anymore

  • Khan

    How much is the door charge?

  • nyx

    Hi? It’s my first time to go to valkyrie I just want to know how much us the door charge?

  • Otto

    Hello everyone, this is the first time at the philippines, and the 13th I head in mind to go to Valkyrie, I wold like to do a talble, the only problem is I don’t understand what dose offers you and what kind of bottles I can choose to bring at the table, I saw the image, but honestly I didn’t understand

  • marie

    how much is the door charge? is it consumable?

  • Party manila

    The table rates are consumable or not?

    • admin

      Yes 🙂

  • Jada Fajardo

    What’s the cover charge on a Saturday nighy with NO table?

  • john

    Hi! Do you offer free guestlisting in Valkyrie?

  • Mark

    What is the capacity of people in the Skybox?

  • Katie

    Im 19 and was just wondering if they check ID at the door and/or what’s the legal age for someone to drink alcohol here in the Philippines, because usually in the states the legal age is 21+

    • admin

      18, but you do need to bring ID

  • Edward

    What are the bottle prices is there a menu ?

  • NicVal

    Is there any guestlist for this?

  • Anon

    How many people per table?

  • Andoy

    What is the age limit/requirement here?

    • admin


  • emme

    Hi! I was just wondering if you pay for a table, what is the capacity? and foes the door fee coverthe drinks or it’s different? Thanks!

  • Harvyj

    Do they limit the number of persons for every table? If yes, what would be the maximum pax for the cocktail table? Thanks!

    • admin

      Yes, it includes a fixed amount of people, if you bring more you pay for the extra guest (all consumable)

  • Sanne

    Hi, I’m pretty new at the clubbing in the Philippines so I have a question about the tables. Do you always have to get one or are there also places to sit without paying for it? And where is the best place for two foreign girls to celebrat new years?

    • admin

      You can just go to places without a table. You just have to pay the door charge.

      • rea

        is ok to go there without booking?

        • admin

          Yes, you can just pay entrance