Members Only

This club is now closed. It will re-open in October under a new name (Prive)

On June 3 2011 was the Members Only Closing Party. The club will now be totally renewed and will re-open in October 2011 as Boutique club Prive.

Members Only is an exclusive high-end bar and lounge located in Bonifacio Global City in Manila. It is the country’s first high-end private membership bar and lounge. Guests are ensconced in aged leather and sparkling chandelier adorned vaulted ceilings, as interiors that fuse luxury reminiscent of the Old World,  with all that is hip, fashionable, and modern.

It is an exhilarating place to be, with the energy of the city’s top movers and shakers electrifying an environment tailor-fit for celebration whether through animated conversations or a quiet toast to the good life. It is a place that gives way to intimate evenings, or energetic festivities, from relaxed entertaining, or just unwinding after a productive workday.

Dining at Members Only is all about gastronomic favorites that simply hit the spot, masterfully prepared by renowned Chef, Fernando Aracama. Whatever you fancy, a fab fare surely awaits for you to indulge. On showcase each night at the distinctive 35-foot long bar are some of the most coveted, most sought after top shelf  liquor brands, from your favorite single malts, to a wide selection of wines, to rare spirits that you can find no where else in the country.

Members Only used to be a very exclusive private club. The only way to get in was by being invited by a member or by being a member yourself (hence the name Members Only). Members Only had very strict door policy. No membership or not with a member, meant no entry.

Especially in the first year the club was a real Members Only club, but when the place got less popular they changed their policy and got some promotors to host certain nights. On these nights you could get in the club by being added to the guest-list by the promotor that hosts the nights.

  • Marjorie Montefolka

    Hi could someone help me to get the contact no.of prive the fort

    • admin

      Contact number is on the site here

  • James balingit

    Ive never been to a bar kinda a i dont have any friends to go with…where is the best place to pick up girls here? thanks

  • Tin

    Is the opening of the prive club invitational? How can I get invites?

    • admin

      The official VIP opening will be invite-only. Usually VIPs, celebrities and people that frequently visit the other clubs that are owned by the same people get an invite fo such events.

  • zai2

    does shorts, off shoulder top and heels will do?

    • admin

      Should be fine. You can also check out Republiq on Facebook and browse trough their photo albums so you can get an idea of what the crowd wears