The Manila Clubbing guide is created because of the lack of up-to-date, frequently updated nightlife sites and clubbing guides that cover the best nightlife and hotspots in Manila, Philippines. There are quite some sites and blogs that cover clubs, nightlife and the party scene in general, but most of them are outdated, hard to navigate and usually only cover a small selection of what Manila has to offer. Also it seems that most of the biggest clubs don’t even bother to update their websites and calendars (if they even have a website). And even when you know the name of a club, it is still hard to find up-to-date information about the club. When you search for any particular club or hotspot you will usually get results from (outdated) blogs and old news articles. The official websites from most of the clubs are usually very hard to to find, because they are made in flash and are not optimized to be found in search engines.

The goal with this website is to provide inside information about the best clubs, bars, lounges, parties, clubnights, hotspots and general info about nightlife in Manila. We are trying to make the Manila Clubbing website the best, most accurate and most up to date Manila nightlife guide. We visit the hottest parties, clubs, bars and lounges multiple times a week. We always try to find and cover the latest hotspots and the hottest and hippest places in town, so all information on this site is from first hand experience. We don’t get paid to write about the clubs and places featured on this site. All information is based on our own knowledge and experience. We love to party and we like to share our information with other people that love to party. Especially for people that are new to the Manila party scene and for those who want to get up to date information about the latest clubs and hotspots. This site also covers frequently asked questions that always get asked (but rarely answered) on the clubs’ Facebook pages and on Twitter, such as how to book tables, how to get in, entrance fees, dress-codes, crowds, music, the best nights to go, etc. etc.

People in Manila and the Philippines in general love to party. There are literally hundreds of places to go out drinking and have a good time. You can party in Manila every single night of the week. Manila never sleeps! No matter what your taste in music is, no matter what your budget is, you will always find a good place in Manila to party!

Of course we can’t cover every place in Manila, and some places we rarely visit, but we will try to cover as many clubs and lounges as we can.

  • wags

    Hello! I am now traveling around the Philippines, an avid off road trailbiker , scuba diver and amateur musician and you have many beautiful mountains and beaches to explore it’s incredible! I was back in manila looking for places to hang out on sunday after booking my ticket to next destination, and not much happening, if any open at all! It was holy days so manila was almost empty. I checked out a recommendation from a Englishman and discovered a place that had music from around the world and open to jam playing guitar with local percussion musicians who also are filipino marital artist… and it was a wonderful experience for me! I forget the name of place in 666 liveriza near sheraton hotel….but remember the poster said world music select Sunday. Is there anyone who knows this underground place?I cannot seem to find it again searching local events online.. Graci!


  • Mae

    Hi! Awesome site and blog 🙂 I’m a girl and I’ve never been to a club before. So I was wondering what club in manila you’d recommend for a club-virgin like me to go to for the first time?

  • nova

    hello girls and guys, iam coming from dec 10 till jan 7 to visit manila and my relatives … which club do you recommend for music like hiphop and rnb?

  • mai

    hi can you recommend a club that only plays hiphop??

    • admin


  • Lauren

    Which club is open on thursdays and goes hard? With a younger crowd.. Thanks!

    • admin

      Guillys in QC

  • hime

    Hi there,

    great site you have here. Me and girl friends are planning to go to a club. Some of us are ‘first-timers’ to this though. What club would you suggest for us? We’re 20 -23. Can you tell us what type of audience/clubgoers does Palladium/Republiq/7th High have?

    And do these club also serve mocktails?


    • admin

      Really depends on the music and crowd you like. Read the comments and articles about the clubs for more info.

  • Carlo

    Hi Im a fresh grad and Im so new to this clubbing. If I got myself on the guestlist how do I come in? are those in line are guestlisted? How do you pay for your drinks? do you pay them at the bartender as you order or before you leave the club? I don’t drink heavily, do you think 800 pesos can go for a 3- drinks usually? Sorry for being noob haha thanks for answering keep this kind of website up man!

    • admin

      If you are on the guestlist you usually have to wait in line. There will be a separate line for guest list which is usually clearly marked.
      You pay as you order, unless you have a VIP table.

  • Li Ann

    where’s a good place on a saturday night that plays RnB, Hip Hop, Top40’s, or reggae?

    Thanks 🙂

    • admin

      Try Prive.

  • Kellybells

    Keep up the good work guys! People need to know how amazing Manila nightlife is! 🙂

  • Kevin

    Hi, What are the best current R n B clubs to go and what nights?

    • admin

      Republiq on Wednesdays and Fridays and 7th High on Fridays/Saturdays.

  • Ronald

    Thank you for provided such updated info

    Most appreciated

    I will be there soon on vacation, and I look forward seeing on the cool clubs and sites.


  • Yeahboi

    hey im coming overthere with 4 friends at the end of next month were all males, were all from australia and 22 years old…. i was wondering where the best places to party for us would be?? like hiphop and Rnb music with trance, dubstep, wherever the partys at really for people our age, girls not to young and not to old! haha

    • admin

      Try Palladium and Republiq

  • rickyanne

    WHERE CAN ME AND MY COLLEGE FRIENDS PARTY? with lots of college boys? not jeje. not too expensive either. thanks!!!

    • admin

      7th High would be the best probably, or Eden in Eastwood

  • Pj

    Is there a guestlist at URBN? If none, how much is the entrance fee. Thanks!

  • pieces

    My friend is looking for a place to celebrate her birthday and we will put to good use all the information that you have given. Thanks so much and very nice site! Keep up the good work!

  • alm

    Hi 🙂 can you give me an idea on what it is like to be in imperial ice bar? how’s the music? crowd? My friends and I are looking for a club where we can celebrate our graduation day this thursday 28th, maybe around fort? Great site by the way 😀 keep it up.

  • AWAB

    What are good places to hangout at night? May it be a club or a lounge. Somewhere fancy sana. I don’t wanna go to cheap places (Not literally cheap, but if u get what I mean). I’ll be there for like a week and I want my whole trip to be a blast! Hope u could help. Thanks! Cheers! (:

    • admin

      Opus in Resorts world.

  • JC

    Gald to find this site!!! Just curious though, are there really no clubs open on Sundays in Manila or just no special events (according to the Events Calendar)? We’re looking forward to going there end of Feb and that date happens to be on a weekend. However, it looks like Sundays are quiet days am I wrong or are there other places open to party?

    • admin

      Sundays are really quite. All the big clubs are closed, but you can check out B-Side (underground club)

  • RJ

    Hi, great site! Just wondering, which clubs are open on Monday nights?

    • admin

      Opus, Imperial, Aracama

  • crista

    hey ^_^
    just want to ask, if what is the best lounge or club for New Years eve.
    because me with my French boyfriend will gonna celebrate our new years eve together to some best club and bars around makati/manila/pasay..
    please do reply us soon…
    thanks a lot..

    • admin

      The best ones are Republiq, Opus, 7th High and Prive, but you can expect very long lines. You could also try Palladium in Makati.

  • cleo

    I have a silver booth for new year’s eve at Republiq which is good for 12 people and I have 6 people in our group. I paid $1000.00 for the booth but its all consumable (liquor & food). Let me know if anyone has a group of 4 & pay me just for what it cost for your group. I am looking for people who are chill & just want to have a good time. Email me at cleoford@gmail.com

  • anon

    i don’t really know how it goes in clubs in manila. do you just show up? how much money should you bring per person if you wanna head to 7th high/fiamma and you’ve got no table?

    • admin

      If you just show up you usually can just pay entrance fee (different per club, but think about 200 – 500 php), which usually includes a free drink (or two).

  • anon

    hi i know this is a stupid question but if i wanted to reserve a table at fiamma (the 8k one) does the table include drinks already? do you recommend even getting a table? does the door price (i think its at 500 or so) include drinks as well? because it’s my friend’s birthday coming up and there’s around 10 of us and i’m treating her. how much do you think this will cost?

    • admin

      The price you pay for the table is fully consumable, so you can use the full 8K on booze. It’s usually worth it to get a table 🙂

  • joey

    Hey…been looking around…what’s the best place to go to be it in makati, manila or qc where one can meet and “hook up”? Not into “working hook up” pls…tnx

    • admin

      You can hoop up everywhere. It’s easier in clubs like Icon and Palladium. Depending on your looks and skills you can easily hook up everywhere though.

  • sam


    Just wondering what places you recommend to party
    at makati

    • admin

      In Makati: Palladium, Prohibition Lounge
      Close to Makati: Opus, Republiq (Resorts World), Prive, 7th High (The Fort)

  • Ava

    Hi! Could you recommend upscale bars/clubs in Makati/Fort area that’s not too young (good for people in their late 20s)? Thanks!

    • admin

      Prive in the Fort and Opus in Resorts World

  • Chris

    If you want to party on a Sunday night check out B-Side in Makati, they have a night called Irie Sundays, which is Reggae, Dancehall and Roots Music, was there last night and it was really busy for a Sunday night.

  • jaenaffer

    this is my first time on this site and was very interesting… (about places to discover)
    and also i would like to ask if u know some bars or clubs that has coyote dancers? coz im really searching for one

  • Vinces


    Just wondering what places you recommend to party on a Sunday night?


    • admin

      Sunday nights are not big in Manila. You could go to sports bars or girly bars in Makati if you are into that. You can also try B-Side in Makati, they have a night called Irie Sundays, which is Reggae, Dancehall and Roots Music.

  • CrusT

    Hi admin. really nice website u have here.its very much informative. i am going to visit manila next month. may i now what clubs or pubs local of manila always hang out?Im so not into hookers. I just enjoy to see and get to know with young Manila local girls. Thanks

    • admin

      It’s probably the best to go to clubs in Quezon City such as Dragon, Excess, Guilly’s, Eden.

  • ester

    hi great site u got here!
    im 22, going to manila this sept. tues n wed. any clubs u would like to recommend near qc?

    • admin

      Nu‘Vaine, Dragon and Excess

  • an

    hi is there a club that you can recommend on a sunday night? my cousin from LA is here to see how Filipinos party. Shes staying in makati. please help…

    • admin

      Sunday is not big for clubbing. Only sports bars etc are open.

  • Makoy

    I will be back in Manila 2nd and 3rd week of September. Any upscale”mixed/gay” clubs with great progressive music in Makati/Pasay/Malate area? I know most of these clubs come and go. What do you recommend?

    • admin
      • Makoy

        are memberships open to U.S. citizens for BED? The membership form and terms and conditions does not specify the amount of the membership fee for the Black card, do you know what it is?

        • admin

          Please contact the club directly, I don’t know about the BED club membership fees and structure.

  • Raver

    Where’s the best place to hit during weekdays? Keep this site groovin’ as its hard to find news about Manila’s scene…

  • BeN

    Some friends and I will be In Manilla Next weekend. what are the most popular things to do on Sat and Sunday?

    I tried to check the Republiq site but I can’t get past the “Are you 18+ page”. My friends and I are from So-Cal and have partied in upscale places in California and Vegas. Hoping that PI will be able to hold up to our standards.

    • admin

      You should go to Republiq on Saturday. It’s the best Miami/Vegas style club. If you want to go to a club with many expats and ‘easy’ girls, you could also check out Palladium in Makati. Sunday is not a big night in Manila, mainly sports bars etc.

  • Bau

    Hi! Im new at the manila club scene and I just wanted to ask, How much should be the minimum amount of money you should bring when you want to party at 7th high, Fiamma, Amber, etc. Just a college student by the way. 😀

    • admin

      Depends on what you drink. If you get on the guestlist and just drink local beers you just need a few 100 peso. But if you want to drink some nice mixers etc you should bring at least 1000+

  • Victor

    Staying in Makati Shangri La – it appears, the closest clubs are ICON and Palladium… which one do you recommend… I am just looking to have a good time and unwind after the hectic week at work ;0)… How are these two clubs different?

    • admin

      Palladium is better. Both are filled with working girls looking for foreigners though. Especially Icon is almost hooker club.

      • Victor

        Thanks, went to Palladium, and you were right, lots of working ones, left at midnight… didn’t work for us.. Need to explore more

        • admin

          Try 7th high (the Fort/Fort Bonifacio) or Republiq / Opus in Resorts World

  • Tin Brazil

    Nice blog you got here! I was wondering if you could recommend some clubs that plays rnb/hiphop music on a thursday night? And how much does it cost to get in? Thanks! 🙂

    • admin

      Thursday’s you could go to Quezon City for hip-hop in Guilly’s. It’s a lot of locals there, not expats, but great music.

  • yannie almacen

    nice site. i’m kinda excited to party for my 18th birthday on the 24th though! 🙂

  • Ankur Verma

    I appreciate your efforts.keep on adding new exciting Places.CHEERS!!

  • Ashton

    Great website!!! Just wondering if hardstyle music is big in Philippines club scene like it is in australia???im bringing 5 of my friends to experience manila night life for the first time.Im filo/american and i love the Philippines and i dont want to dissappoint them which i highly doubt it will! With some of the stories ive heard about manila nightlife…just wondering which clubs play either hardstyle RnB hiphop music with good pulsating drum and bass dance music…. anywhere in makati would be prefered??

    Much help will be appreciated!


    • admin

      Not that I know of, sorry.

  • Kat

    Cant wait to party my ass off!!! wish i knew about this website lastym I went to Manila (2yrs ago) wooopp see you soon Manila! xoxo

  • dah

    This is such a brilliant website! Big help to party people and newbies as well. Good Job!

  • DJLilAndy

    Nice write ups and very informative. Manila has needed a site like this for a while. I’m looking forward to getting back there soon from the US and checking out some of the new clubs. If I’m lucky I will get a few gigs when I’m there. Keep up the great work on the site! Cheers!

  • edde

    where would you recommend we go for hip-hop/dance this saturday? showing a friend around, and we’re not big fans of house so no republiq for us. 🙂

    • admin

      try 7th high, or prive if you want more luxury

  • anne

    Hi How to get in to LMFAO after party at Repub? Thanks..

    • admin

      No info yet, as soon as there is info we will post it 🙂

  • Melissa21

    I wonder how much is it to get in to buddha bar, please let me know……. I wanna bring my girlfriends there!!!

    • admin

      There is no entrance. You can just go and have some cocktails with your friends 🙂 If you go on Friday or Saturday you should go early, it get’s busy fast.

  • chris

    What’s a good spot to go to on a Sunday? My friend and I are staying in Makati and wanted to know if any of the nicer clubs or lounges are open.

    • admin

      Sunday is not a big night in Manila. You could check some bars like The Distillery on Jupiter or the sports bars around P.Burgos such as Heckle and Jeckle or Handle Bar. Or just hang out in Greenbelt where you can find plenty of bars and restaurants.

  • Cynthia

    Hi, My friends and I are Hip Hop/RnB/Dancehall lovers, we will be staying a whole week in Manila and plan to party everyday til we drop:) Which clubs and days do u recommend us to go that will give us the scenery we’re looking for?


    • admin

      Most clubs play hip-hop/r&b/mashup, but it’s all commercial (mainly top40 and classic hiphop hits). Republiq on Friday is a must, and maybe KYSS (small club in Makati, but awesome DJs) or 7th High on Saturday (7th High has a younger crowd and is more laid back). You can also party in Manor, they have great DJs, but it’s mainly local people and a younger crowed. Thursdays you could go to Guilly’s in Quezon City (mainly locals), they have good DJs. If you like more high-class places you can try Prive on Wednesdays. Republiq on Wednesdays is great as well.

  • Mark

    Hi, do you still need to stand in line even though you have a platinum table at republic?

    • admin

      There is a separate table entrance, but if multiple groups with tables arrive at the same time, you still might have to wait a little.

  • Dotty

    Hey there!
    I saw your blog when I was google-ing for clubs in Makati/Fort area. Anyway, I am hoping that you could recommend a club/bar that has a stage big enough to hold a mini dance show. Something like 7th High’s Club, around that size or bigger. It’s really hard to rely on search engines to give me the information I need.
    Please PM me your recommendations!
    Thanks a LOT!

    Dotty 🙂

    • admin

      In Makati try Icon or Palladium. Those would be your best bet.

  • Miss B

    I’m so glad that someones put up a site like this. I’ve been going back to the Philippines every year for the past 4-5 years, and every time i go back i try to look for the nightlife in Manila. You’re right, it’s so damn hard to find a website about the hottest clubs in Manila. Eventually I end up giving up and just relaxing at the beaches for the duration of my stay.

    I’m going back this Nov- Feb but I’ll definitely be staying in Manila this coming Jan, and I’ll be bringing (hopefully) one of my best mates from Australia for my 21st. I can’t wait to check out these places.

    Again, thank you very much and keep up the good work…

    Miss B 🙂

  • Kate

    This is really awesome!!!! Thank you for making a really nice site. You are smart pioneer of this! Keep it up 😀

  • Yoon Ji Kim

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs bit I think there are lots of places still to discover. I really want to have a super party hope you can help me find one.

  • Yoon Ji Kim

    It’s my first time to see this site and I like it, this is very helpful especially for my upcoming birthday this septmber.

    • admin

      Glad you like it. For the best party I recommend Friday’s in Republiq.

  • Allan

    I really like your blog site coz its truly very helpful specially now that I am doing a magazine section which features DJs, clubs and events organized or sponsored by Pinoys.
    On a separate note:
    I’m also a DJ (since 1986) and at the same time the creative director/writer for a Dubai-based Filipino magazine. My section talks about DJs in the UAE, particularly in Dubai but also feature DJs elsewhere in the world and also do some bits of information of the clubs and venues of DJs that I interview.
    Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your recommendation of best clubs to go to when I arrive in Manila and look for DJs, events and venues to feature. I will be in Manila starting August 1.

    Looking forward to your response.


    • admin

      What kind of music are you into? House or hiphop/mashup?

  • Gman

    This is great dude, keep it up & let the music,dancing and wild chiks take away the manila nights

  • Anon

    Hope you keep this going!

    good stuff 🙂