7th High Club

UPDATE September 2013: 7th High is currently closed for renovation. We are not sure if/when the club will re-open.

7th High is a club located in The Fort (Bonifacio Global City), Manila along 7th Steet between 29th and 30th street (next to Bonifacio High Street) in the building that previously housed Club Ascend. Inside 7thHigh there are three areas: The APEX Lounge, which is used for live performances, dining reservations and private functions, The Club, which is the main club and fits 500+ people, and  The Club Room, which is more like a VIP lounge with VIP suites and concierge service.

The club has a great atmosphere, good DJs and and awesome crowd that loves to party. The club is a bit darker than some of the other clubs, and the crowd is a bit younger. Unlike some of the other clubs, the majority of the people come to the club to party (not so much to see and be seen or to pick up expats), which gives the club a great party vibe!

The regular DJs (and MCs) that play in 7th high are some of the best of the country and know how to keep the crowd moving and moving.

Besides the regular DJs 7th High club regularly invites international DJs to play in the club. Some DJs that have previously played at 7th High are Discotech, Ross One, Eric DLux, Crystal Q, Junior, Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Craze, just to name a few. The club has also hosted several concert after parties featuring international artists such as Bruno Mars, Apl de Ap (Black Eyed Peas) and Mike Posner.


7th High Club Nights and Table Bookings

The Club:

The Club is currently open 3 nights a week (Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays). The club is open from 10pm until 4am.

– Wednesday: Scarlet Wednesdays (Music: Open Format: House, Hiphop, Mash-Up)
– Friday: Heaven Fridays (Hosted by Daylight Productions. Music: Dubstep, House, Mash-up and Top40)
– Saturday: Indulgence Saturdays (DJ Ron and DJ Buzz along with MC Dash serve up Classic and Chart-topping Hiphop and dance beats)

Tables start at PHP 4,000 (up to PHP 15,000).  To book a table text or call 09175852160

The Lounge:

The Lounge is open from Tuesdays until Saturdays from 6pm and has live performances every night at 9PM. Dinner is available starting 6pm. The food is great (fusion) and the live performances are done by great local artists and bands.  For table bookings call or text 09175852164

The Club Room (VIP Suites):

The top floor, called the Room 307, is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and  Saturdays starting 10PM.

Wednesday: Ma Cherie (Hiphop and House with Model DJ’s and Bartenders)
Thursday: Committee geek fight / Shizznit Thursdays (Trivia Night / Pure Hiphop)
Friday: Fusion Fridays (Hip-House, Electro)
Saturday: Fistpump Saturdays (EDM, Electronic Dance Music)

Tables and VIP rooms are available at PHP 10,000 – PHP 30,000 (fully consumable). Tables can be booked by texting or calling: 09175852164

There are also private rooms available at the top floor. One of them is a fully private room which has a private balcony overlooking the main club, the other one is even more private and even has it’s own entrance to enter the club without having to go trough the normal club entrance. It has a glass window to look into the main room and full karaoke equipment etc.

Private Parties and Corporate Events

7th High is available for corporate and private events. For info and inquiries contact 09175852164 or email theoffice@7thhigh.com

  • lee

    Hi, I wanna know whole table rates.

  • Ann

    Is it closed for good, or is it just closed for renovation?

    • admin

      We are not sure. They might open again, maybe under a new name.

      • JM

        Hi … we are one of those few party individuals who helped out in promoting this club… unfortunately we had our last FAREWELL party last weekend of August at 7th High.. and yes it is possible that it might change the name …

  • Debz

    Hi, is seventh hight still open tomorrow? Because i heard its for renovation.

  • danna

    how to get the VIP card?

  • joeffre bien

    whats the dress code for guys? is polo shirt and slack be ok?

    • admin

      Yes should be fine

  • Sbling

    Do you guys have a list of your alcohol menu?

  • Ira

    If Im gonna reserve a table at The club Room worth 10k how many person can it accomodate?

  • Chasz

    If I reserve a table, can I bring as many friends I want?

  • jomiyn

    Hello, if i book a 15k table, do i need to pay the entrance fee still? and how many people is allowed on that table. is it like republiq that when you book a 5k table youre allowed to bring 4 more people?

  • Geecel

    If were going to avail the VIP Room, do we need to pay for the drinks? And how many persons can accommodate on that room?

    • admin

      The amount you pay for the VIP room is fully consumable. So you don’t need to pay extra for drinks (unless you spend more than the consumable)

  • ian

    is there a dress code??are jeans allowed for girls

    • admin

      jeans with top for girls is fine

  • cam mae rivera

    How much is the entrance in the club if were like 5? Do we need any ID?

    • admin

      you always need ID. Entrance depends on the night, but you can get on the guestlist so you can enter free.

  • fredchicken

    Just wanna know, what are the appropriate clothes for boys? Would their 10k table be enough for 10-15person? What’s the limit number of persons for 10k ? and sa 10k including naba ung drinks, also the entrance fee? — fred

  • Itsizzy

    Hi wanna ask if the 4k amt of table is consumable like for drinks?

    • admin

      Yes, fully consumable

  • Luigi Miguel Borja Santos

    How much are the prices of the table here? and how many persons are allowed at the table? thanks hoping for a reply!

  • Ip

    Hello, where can I send names for a guest list? 🙂

  • Abigail Lorico

    if I were to have an event at the 7th high having 100 guests how much will it cost me? what are the drinks included in the whole package? is i okay if the event is next month? what other details do I have to consider know if I were to have an event at your place (DJ, food, period of time stayed)? Please email me your response regarding this matter. Thank you.

    • admin

      Just contact the club directly to ask them these details.

  • jmgonzalesme

    can 7th high club be booked for occasions like a batch anniversary
    – would you know how much it would cost?

    • admin

      Yes, the number is listed above so you can just ask them the details.

  • Ben

    I want to re-ask:

    Would their 10k table be enough for 14 people? What’s the limit number of persons for 10k and 15k? Thanks.

  • nold

    can we show our birth certificates for our dob?

    • admin

      Not sure, I think photo ID only

  • Stephanie Halili

    hi! i just wanna ask how many people will be intended for the 30k VIP room?

    • admin

      Probably around 20

  • Ashlley

    Would their 10k table be enough for 8person? What’s the limit number of persons for 10k ? and sa 10k including naba ung drinks?

  • Ashlley

    Hi 🙂 iwanna ask for the VIP room., how many persons will it be intended for and how much? thanks.

    • admin

      I think it’s 15 – 20

  • stephanie ilano

    hi! how can we be part of your guest list? thanks. 🙂

  • aiden

    hi, wanna ask for the VIP room, how many persons will it be intended for?

    • admin

      I think it’s 15 or 20.

  • Don

    how much would it cost me to purchase the vip card?

  • Jon-Jon


    Do you have guestlist contacts for Saturday nights? Thanks!

  • isshy

    What are the appropriate clothes for girls?

    • admin

      Anything hot and sexy is fine 🙂

  • Efeu

    Would their 10k table be enough for 14 people? What’s the limit number of persons for 10k and 15k? Thanks.

  • Kendra

    Do they accept college IDs without Birthdate?

    • admin

      I don’t think so. Without DOB they won’t know your age.

  • Jay

    Hi the how big is the 4K table? And for how many person is it intended for? thanks!

    • admin

      It’s a standing table. You can stand with like 4 – 6 people around it.

  • david

    is it true that the fort has now a curfew at 2am? Do you really stop selling alcohol at that time?

    • admin

      Taguig always had the curfew (after a few incidents), but they do not check anymore and the clubs like Prive and 7th High etc do not close at 2am nor stop serving alcohol.

  • abner

    is the venue smoke-free? please indicate/update with other clubs as well thanks

    • admin

      Clubs in Manila are not smoke free

      • abner

        aww i see. i wouldve thought they’d be considered fire hazards for some at least? if you do come across by chance one that is cigarette-free let us know still thanks!

        • admin

          From all the clubs Republiq has the best ventilation system. It’s not smoky at all in there even though people smoke.

  • Raey

    So if i reserve a table (4,000) i would still have to pay the 500 for entrance? also does that include the drinks or is it only for VIPs?

    • admin

      No entrance when you have a table. The table price is fully consumable.

  • Rey Clarin

    Is there an age limit?

    • admin

      You have to be at least 18

  • Leo

    Do you have any legit guestlist? Can i have there contact or BBM cos im not sure with my 2 contact if it is legit or not. Thanks!

  • Garry Miranda

    i have 500 pesos value card how can i used this

    • admin

      It can be used on weekdays in the restaurant.

  • denise

    hi is it possible to close the club for my debut?how much? any suggestions? 🙂

    • admin

      please contact 09175852164 or 8561786.

  • Jasmine

    Hi! How does the VIP room looks like? And if I book a table on a VIP room how much
    Does it cost?

    • admin

      The VIP room is very nice. They have one for 20K on the top floor which has a balcony which overlooks the club downstairs.

  • hesas

    is there an entrance to go to the club?

    • admin

      Yes PHP 500 for the club and PHP 1000 for the VIP (including drinks)

      • JUAN

        Can we get to go inside the club without and ID as long as we look 18 and above?

      • paolo

        for the VIP, do we have a reserved table?